TBT and DBT substances

A few years ago, there were reports on radio and television about harmful substances in textiles.

The broadcast of the “PLUSMINUS” program on January 4, 2000 reported in particular on extreme levels of “TBT and DBT substances” in fabrics and clothing. Up to 1 mg/kg of dibutyltin (DBT) or tributyltin (TBT) was detected in the textiles examined.

A large number of our customers spoke to us on this subject and asked for appropriate reviews and confirmation.

Since we already had all the test results and test certificates for TBT and DBT substances, we were able to react immediately.

All test reports confirm unreservedly that our fabrics and products are in no way treated with TBT or DBT substances or other harmful organotin compounds.


We hereby confirm in writing that the goods supplied by us do not contain any of the above chemicals or harmful organotin compounds.

We are sure that this information will also help you in your customer meetings.

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