Synthetic fleece

Company Information: Synthetic fleece materials

We would like to inform you today about the new production of 100% polyester fleece materials.

The fleece fabric is colloquially referred to as synthetic wool.

The decisive factors for the different purposes are:

  • a particularly high thermal insulation capacity with low weight
  • water-repellent surface dries very quickly (not waterproof)
  • very soft on the skin
  • largely wrinkle-free and elastic

Fleece fabrics are made on circular knitting machines. Fleece is not a woven fabric, but a knitted fabric.

Plush handles are formed during binding, which are then cut open and roughened.

Since fleece is pronounced like the German word “Vlies”, it is often confused with non-woven fabric in German-speaking countries.

Fleece is mainly used for warming functional clothing in nature sports such as jackets, trousers, hats, gloves, but also blankets.

They indicate the weight in grams per square meter. The larger the number, the thicker the fleece. Usual values ​​are 100, 200 and 300 g/m2.

Fleece materials can be finished according to different specifications.

This includes the flame-retardant finish according to EN 531, an antistatic version according to EN 1149/03B and fluorescent colors according to EN 471.

The manufacture and production takes place on a customer-specific basis.

From 500 meters per grammage or color we refine according to your wishes.

Of course, you will also find fleece materials in leisure clothing and home textiles, in the sportswear segment and in pet textiles.

Talk to us about your desired application. Our BVS* sales team is always at your disposal for further information.