Our Range of Colours

Excerpt from our color range

Color search made easy, so we present you with an extended range of BVS* colors on the Internet.

Simply click on a color section for a better view. This then opens again in large format for optimal viewing.

The entire range of colors is applicable to all fabric specifications of our house.

Desired color(s) not found, then define your color selection based on internationally recognized textile color specifications according to:


…or simply send us your color sample and we will easily reproduce your wish.

Under the motto > United Colors of BVS* Tissue Technology < we are already looking forward to your valued enquiry.

Interesting facts from the realm of colors

Each color exerts a certain attraction on the viewer that is characteristic of this color.

This is perceived differently by individuals due to their different natures and due to the fact that a color designation includes many different hues.

There is not only “the blue”, but many different shades of blue. It is the same with all other colors.

And the impression of a hue can change considerably with the colored environment.

Therefore, the properties that are assigned to a certain color also have a certain range with both positive and negative aspects.

Nevertheless, each color has its own quality and therefore its own associations and effects that are valid for most people.

Knowledge of these effects can be taken into account when designing publications in order to address target groups and convey the message to be conveyed more easily.