Quilting + Lamination

Stepping + laminating program – full production Due to a wide range of inquiries, we have decided to offer a quilting program as well as a lamination program in full production. Logistically, this complete production means a significant workload reduction for you and your company. With regard to the quilted designs and the different combinations of fabrics, this program leaves nothing to be desired. We offer the following standard quilt designs: Checked quilting 3.5 x 3.5                                         Diamond stitch 5 x 5 Straight seam 5.08                                                     Straight seam 7.62
Diamond quilt 10 x 10                                               Lying diamond Straight seam 10,16                                                   Straight seam 2.54
We would like to offer you the following padding (PES): 40 g/sqm, 60 g/sqm, 80 g/sqm, 100 g/sqm in the versions: fleece = firm fleece = soft fleece = down fleece Thinsulate = on request The lamination program depends entirely on your wishes or the purpose you intend to use. We ask for samples here so that we can submit a concrete offer to your company.


Furthermore, our entire range of fabrics is of course available to you. We already promise you a prompt sampling and preparation of an offer – for both program groups.