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Fabric testing of protective properties against solar ultraviolet radiation

Recently, our management decided to carry out tests of the protective properties against ultraviolet solar radiation for various fabrics from our company.

  • The testing institute commissioned by us carried out tests under normal climatic conditions and with light falling on the uncoated fabric sides of the test specimens. Test order 2089/05.
  • 10 measurements were made on each sample. The transmission data are mean values ​​from 10 measurements over the given wavelength ranges UV-A and UV-B.
  • The relevant test standard for bulk goods corresponds to DIN EN 13758-1. The solar spectrum from Melbourne on January 17, 2005 was used to calculate the UPF rating.

Based on the results we now have, we are very pleased to report that 9 out of 10 fabric samples tested achieved a UPF rating of 50+ .

One item achieved a UPF rating of 25+ . For the materials tested, this means that the end user can be exposed to the sun’s rays 50x longer or 25x longer with our fabrics than without protection.

This value 50+ corresponds to the best value or the highest possible protective effect. If you, as a customer of our company, would like further information, we are at your disposal at any time.

PS Due to current customer inquiries, further fabric tests have been carried out in the meantime. Please inquire about current test results directly with us.

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