BVS* Bielefeld was founded on February 10, 1993 as a commercial enterprise in Bielefeld. We deliver our textile products in the area of ​​yard goods to ready-made customers who made a piece of clothing from a finished textile / fabric. Industrial customers who, for example, were active in the sector for further processing carrier materials, also belonged to the customer base of the company BVS* in Bielefeld.

The development

In the years 1994 to 1997, the demand for high-quality textiles and their uses increased rapidly. At this point in time, we entered a phase of rethinking our company philosophy and the expansion of production possibilities. BVS* Bielefeld decided to develop, produce and sell “clever textiles” more intensively. In 1995 the company name was changed to BVS* Tissue Technology GmbH.

In the field of “joint ventures” our company writes history. On three production levels for the first time, we manufactured textile flat fabrics according to the specifications of our customers. We specialized very specifically in customer-oriented textile finishing, and our entire range grew to almost 3,000 fabric specifications.

In the years that followed, BVS* Tissue Technology acquired not only a further number of manufacturing companies, but also suitable employees. This “central unit in Bielefeld” – i.e. BVS* Tissue Technology GmbH – sets the accents for the material required by our customers. With these trend-setting decisions, we now produce on four European production levels, over 2,000 different fabric specifications with more than 50 employees within the various production units.

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