Polyamide and Polyester

Fabric with synthetic fibers of polyamide and polyester

Solid and robust fabrics are designed, with the focus on the textile properties being grip, comfort, appearance and functionality.

This is how materials are developing as so-called all-round qualities, whose uses today go far beyond the classic piece of clothing.

The fibers made of polyamide and polyester are “mixed” with a natural product made of cotton as a fabric.

We influence the appearance of the piece goods due to our possibilities in fabric finishing.

Thus, tissue can be used for different end purposes.

Here we carry out an extensive range of yard goods in two material mixtures

1. 50% Polyamide / 50% Cotton K3/1 – 240 gr / m²

2. 50% Polyester / 50% Cotton K3/1 – 240 gr/m²

  • Whether for casual jackets and trousers in women’s wear, men’s wear and KIKO
  • As an upholstery fabric for the furniture industry
  • In the promotional products industry, for example as a body warmer
  • As winter jackets in the field of protective clothing
  • Or in the toy industry, in embroidery for emblems, and … and … and ….

The fabric is finished with a water-repellent and dirt-repellent textile finish.

Other surface treatments such as roughened on the right side and/or sanded on the left side can also be produced at any time.

We will be happy to send you sample material and technical specifications on request at any time.

Smaller production batches – i.e. production according to customer specifications – are just as feasible as production according to color specifications from HKS, RAL or PANTONE color charts.