Textiles made from PET bottles

BVS Gewebetechnik has expanded its portfolio to include sustainable and innovative textiles. These special textiles are made from recycled PET bottles and offer a wide range of applications in industry and ready-to-wear.

Sustainability meets quality
BVS Gewebetechnik is known for its high-quality and specialized textile products, which are used in the apparel industry as well as in technical applications.

Versatile product line
The new product line offers a wide range of textiles that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and environmentally friendly. These textiles complement BVS Gewebetechnik’s already extensive offering, which ranges from flame-retardant fabrics to weather-resistant textiles and customized productions.

The upcycling process
The textiles are produced through a special upcycling process known as the “Phoenix effect.” This process makes it possible to produce yarns from post-consumer PET materials that are as durable as newly produced polyester, but with a significantly lower environmental impact.

Resource efficiency and environmental awareness
The textiles sold by BVS Gewebetechnik are not only sustainable, but also resource-efficient. They enable a 60% reduction in energy consumption, 32% reduction in CO2 emissions and 94% reduction in water consumption.