Textile UV Protection

The topic of UV resistance and light fastness has become increasingly important to our customers in recent years.

As early as 2005, we had a large number of the fabric qualities we produced tested by independent testing institutes in accordance with DIN EN 13758-1 .

The rating according to UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 50 + was fulfilled on almost all of our fabric qualities.

We have constantly expanded and advanced the development and further development process of our materials in recent years, so that enormous success has been achieved, especially for fabrics made of synthetic materials with polyurethane coatings as well as black and silver pigmented coatings.

In addition to the effect of high UV protection, these fabrics offer other advantages such as heat protection, fire resistance, haptics and pleasant wearing comfort.

The areas of application today extend far into the segments of textile and clothing technology applications.

We will be happy to inform you at any time about our various product groups fabrics with UV protection .