Technische Gewebe

Technische Gewebe aus synthetischen und organischen Fasern The constant demand for technical textiles in industrial areas is growing rapidly. Technical fabrics made from organic, inorganic and regenerated fibers offer countless possible uses. Synthetic fibers such as polyester and polyamide seamlessly round off the spectrum of possible uses today more than ever. Wherever certain criteria determine the requirement profile, we receive inquiries for technical textiles for industrial and clothing applications. Under the material headings below, our company carries these fabric specifications: Baumwolle - PES/BW Mischungen - Polyester - Polyamide - PES/Gewirk - PES/Gittergewebe - Filtrationsgewebe aus Baumwolle und Polyester - Gewebe flammenhemmend - etc. Our technical production possibilities for synthetic fabrics are unimagined, even if one or the other flat fabric sometimes cannot be realized with us. However, we always implement the wishes of our customers with pinpoint accuracy. For this it is important to know the use and the requirement profile of a fabric. We systematically work out the area of ​​application with the customer. A sometimes longer development process, which in the end always satisfies our customers. Tragekomfort - Hitzebeständigkeit - Festigkeit - Trends - Weiterreißkraft - Scheuerbeständigkeit - Hydrophil - Hydrophob - Verrottbarkeit - Antistatik - Optik - Griff - Farbe - Lebensdauer - Luftdurchlässigkeit - etc. are just a few properties that could be mentioned for a technical textile. We would describe our materials as reliable, which also characterizes our company. We confirm that our synthetic textiles withstand all safety-related concerns through permanent laboratory tests, through our quality control during the manufacturing process and through officially recognized testing institutes throughout Europe. Für mehr Information sprechen Sie im Detail mit unseren Produktspezialisten!

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