» Our Company

BVS* Bielefeld was founded on 10.02.1993 in Bielefeld as a manufacturing business. We delivered our textile products as rolls of fabric to customers of the garment industry, who produced a garment from a finished textile/fabric. Industrial customers, working for example in the field of finishing base materials, were also among the clientele of the company BVS* in Bielefeld.

» The Development

The requirements in respect of high-quality textiles and their applications increased rapidly from 1994 until 1997. At that period, we came into a phase to think again about our company philosophy and about extending our production facilities. BVS* Bielefeld decided on developing, producing, and marketing a greater quantity of ,,smart textiles,,. The company was changed into BVS* Gewebetechnik GmbH in 1995.

Our company makes history in the area of “joint ventures”. For the first time, we produced industrial flat fabrics on three production levels according to the specifications of our customers. We specialised ourselves very specifically on customized textile finishing, and our complete programme increased to almost 1,300 fabric specifications.

In the following years BVS* Gewebetechnik acquired - besides a further number of production factories - also the qualified employees. This “Central Unit in Bielefeld“, i. e. the BVS* Gewebetechnik GmbH, brings out new trends for the material requested by our customers. With these trendsetting decisions, we produce today on six European production levels more than 2,600 fabric specifications with more than 100 employees within the various production units.

» The Textile Location Bielefeld – a textile location with tradition (history)